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Free meals for seniors and free soup for all!

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Jen’s Guesthouse is striving to
help our community. We will be providing free meals delivered to seniors
and free soup carry-out to all. Together, we can help each other get
through this pandemic. Please share this with your friends and family to
ensure we help whomever might need it. We would like to sincerely thank our
family partner, The Country House Restaurant in Alsip, Whittingham Meats,
and Highland for their generous donations of food, without them, these
meals would not be possible. Call us at 708-839-8000 to place an order and
stop by to pick up a free quart of soup! If you or a friend would like to
help by donating or volunteering your time, call us for information on how
to do so. Thank you to those who have helped us already by donating and
volunteering, and best health and wishes to everyone!

Please call 708-839-8000 for more info.