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TENDERLOIN TIPS: Blackened beef-potato mousse-mushroom bordelaise 16.95

CHORIZO POTATO SKINS: Chorizo-cheddar cheese-tomatoes-cilantro-avocado-salsa-sour cream 16.95

STRAWBERRY BRUSCHETTA: Grape tomatoes-nectarine-strawberries-basil-feta cheese 15.95

LOBSTER STUFFED MUSHROOMS: Parmesan-breadcrumbs-parsley lemon glaze 17.95

SEA SCALLOPS: Brussels sprouts slaw 17.95

SEAFOOD COMBO: Frog legs-crab cakes-calamari 19.95 (Individual items 14.95)

FRIED COMBO: Mushrooms-zucchini-mozzarella sticks-chicken tenders 15.95 (Individual items 9.95)


-All taco selections served on corn tortillas

SHORT RIB: Braised short rib-caramelized onions-brussels sprouts slaw-creamy avocado 19.95

VEGGIE: Crispy zucchini-avocado spread-brussels sprouts slaw-queso fresco 17.95

WHITEFISH: Lightly breaded-chipotle aioli-queso fresco-avocado-cilantro 19.95

TRADITIONAL: Grilled chicken-lettuce-tomato-queso fresco-guacamole-cilantro 18.95 (Steak-9 | Shrimp-7)

Spring Sides


LEMON RISOTTO: Tossed with asparagus & spring peas 9.95

BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Pine nuts-shaved Parmesan-hint of lemon 12.95

UPSIDE DOWN ASPARAGUS BENEDICT: Poached egg-onion relish-toasted rye crumbles 12.95

Salad & Soup

BEEF & BERRIES: Beef tenderloin-fresh strawberries-juicy red grapes-candied walnuts-dried cranberries-feta cheese-spring mix-cranberry vinaigrette 17.95

WEDGE: Iceberg-bacon-blue cheese crumbles-tomato-ranch 14.95

CAESAR: Romaine-croutons-Parmesan-creamy Caesar 15.95 (Chicken-5 | Salmon-9 | Shrimp-7)

HOUSE SALAD: Mixed greens-carrots-purple cabbage-tomato-cucumber 2.95

CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP: Cup-2.95 | Bowl-6.95


WINE & CHEESE BURGER: Peppered bacon-red wine braised onions-port wine cheese spread-French fries 18.95

CHICKEN SALAD WRAP: Dried cranberries-candied walnuts-red grapes-diced celery-cilantro mayo-French fries 16.95

FRENCH DIP: Roast beef-onions-peppers-provolone-truffle mayo-au jus-French fries 17.95

ELEVATED GRILLED CHEESE: Provolone-cheddar-grilled onions-bacon-tomatoes-avocado-French fries 16.95


-Add 7 oz. Lobster Tail to your meal 25. Oscar style steak 15. Grilled onions, peppers, or mushrooms 2.95.

PORK CHOPS: Two 8 oz. Berkshire chops-mustard crusted-white cheddar mashed 26.95

BABY BACK BBQ RIBS: Full slab-slow cooked-tangy BBQ sauce-French fries 26.95

SHORT RIBS: Braised-white cheddar mashed 34.95

RACK OF LAMB: New Zealand Rack-rosemary demi glace-potato mousse 41.95

FILET MIGNON: 8 oz. cut-baked potato-asparagus 42.95

SURF & TURF: 8 oz. Filet-7 oz. poached Lobster Tail-baked potato-asparagus 59.95

PRIME RIB: 16 oz. slow roasted-white cheddar mashed 36.95 (Limited availability: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

From the Sea

SALMON: Peach BBQ glazed-asparagus 26.95

SEA SCALLOPS: Seared-wild mushroom risotto 28.95

WHITEFISH: Parmesan crusted-lemon butter sauce-asparagus 25.95

LAKE PERCH: Lightly battered-wild mushroom risotto 27.95

CHILEAN SEA BASS: Seared-asparagus 42.95

TWIN LOBSTER TAILS: Two 7 oz. tails-drawn butter-baked potato-asparagus 55.95

Chicken & Pasta

CHICKEN PICCATA: Creamy piccata sauce-angel hair-capers 22.95

FRIED CHICKEN: Crispy buttermilk-French fries-cranberry brussels sprouts slaw 22.95

ORECCHIETTE: Shrimp-asparagus-lemon white wine sauce-shaved Parmesan 26.95

GNOCCHI: Spring peas-spinach-grilled onions-ricotta-brown butter sauce 21.95 (Shrimp-7 | Chicken-5)

STUFFED PORTABELLOS: Two Portabello Mushrooms-rice-spinach-spring peas-tomatoes-olive oil 20.95 (GF/Vegan)

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