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Private Event Information

Thank you for choosing Jen’s Guesthouse to host your event! We offer a variety of elegant menus & styles while hosting your event outdoors, indoors, or in our wine cellar room. Please contact to set up your tasting today!

Deposits & Cancellations

A $200 deposit is required to secure the date & space for your event. Please note: a $100 deposit is required for our wine cellar room. If event is cancelled within two weeks of your event, the deposit is non-refundable.

Event Set Up Fee & Other Charges

A set up fee will be applied to your event bill. Depending on the type of event & details, the minimum set up fee is $200. The event fee will be discussed at the time of your tasting. The set up fee is based on the set up & administration expenses related to hosting your function. A 10% discount is applied to your set up fee when bill is paid with cash. A 10% tax, 20% service charge, & linen fee TBD will be added to your bill at the time of the event.


The final guaranteed number of guests must be received one week prior to your event, and you will be charged for the guaranteed number the day of your event. If the number of guests exceeds your guaranteed guest count, you will be charge for the actual number of guests.


Tastings come complimentary with your event. Up to six guests may attend the tasting. If you have more than six guests, there is a $20 charge per person. Food choices include 3 meats/mains, 3 sides, & 6 appetizers. Each additional item that exceeds these totals will cost $5 per item. Desserts are not part of your tasting, as our pastry chef bakes the day of each event and are made per order. In addition, all of the details will be discussed & finalized at the time of your tasting. Tastings are held Mondays & Tuesdays from 4:00-8:30 pm.

Book your tasting today!

Contact Us to Book Your Party Today