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All Prices Charged Per Person. Served Buffet Style.


TACO BAR OR NACHO BAR: beef-chicken-corn tortillas or homemade chips-lettuce-tomato-cheese-sour cream-guacamole $5

BAKED POTATO OR FRENCH FRY BAR: cheddar cheese-bacon-green onions-chili-sour cream-butter-broccoli-salsa $8

PIZZA BREAD: cheese or sausage $3

PULLED PORK SLIDERS: served with homemade french fries $4

FRIED COMBO: cheese sticks-zucchini-calamari-french fries-cheese raviolis-pickles-mushrooms | Choose two $3 | Choose three $4


Pepper jack mac & cheese-homemade french fries-potato wedges-potato skins-mexican rice-cheese quesadilla-garlic bread-chicken tenders ($2 extra) | All sides $2 per person.

Late Night Sweets:

ICE CREAM BAR: vanilla & chocolate ice cream-chocolate syrup-sprinkles-caramel syrup-whipped cream-strawberries $5

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN: pretzels-pineapple-strawberries-marshmallows-grapes $7

DONUT WALL: assorted donuts | 58 donuts-$100 | 116 donuts-$180