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Lower Outdoor Terrace

Our lower outdoor patio overlooks our forest & garden with a spectacular view with hints of sun and shade, and a magical evening ambience with hanging lights & lit up trees.

Lower Outdoor Terrace Occupancy: 140 guests



Upper Outdoor Terrace

Our upper outdoor patio requires walking up beautiful brick stairs leading to our personalized gazebo and upper level. Our Mezzanine is nestled in the forest. A truly unique and special experience like no other.

Upper Outdoor Terrace Occupancy: 50 guests



Main Ballroom

Our main inside room has a 25 ft. master fireplace floor to ceiling with 10 ft. windows overlooking the forest preserve.

Main Ballroom Occupancy: 120 guests



Four Seasons Room

Our private side banquet room offers lower ceilings with 10 ft. windows overlooking our gardens & forest.

Four Seasons Room Occupancy: 50 guests



Cellar Room

Our wine cellar room requires walking down stairs. This room has large windows overlooking our custom built wine cellar that holds 25,000 wine bottles.

Cellar Room Occupancy: 20 guests



Inside Bar

Our Inside Bar is custom built with natural woodwork and has a 25 ft. tall fireplace.

Inside Bar Occupancy: 40 mingling guests (with high tops) or 25 guests (with low tables to dine)