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If you’re singing the blues… $12

4 Roses Bourbon-Fruitful Blueberry Liquor-Dash of Bitters-Strained over ice

Gettin’ figgy with it $13

4 Roses Bourbon-Fruitful Fig Liquor-Orange Bitters-Sweet Vermouth-Shaken-Served straight up

The kicked up kiki $12

Herradura Tequila-Infused with jalapeno peppers-Blackberry Liquor-Fresh lime juice-Sour-On the rocks-Tajim rim

Give me s’more $13

Absolut Vanilla-Bailey’s Smores Liquor-Godiva Dark Chocolate-Graham cracker rim-Toasted marshmallow

Fall fashioned $12

4 Roses Bourbon-Bourbon maple syrup-Apple cider-Orange bitters

No lack of passion $13

Titos-Passionfruit Liquor-Peach puree-Lime juice-Champagne float

What the stubarb is going on? $13

Hendrick’s Gin-Strawberry Liquor-Rhubarb Liquor-Fresh basil-Lemon juice-Champagne float-Served straight up

Jen’s Signature Sangria $12

Available in red or white